Liquore al mandarino foto di Laura Ramerini
Liquore al mandarino foto di Laura Ramerini

Tangerin liqueur homemade

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Tangerin liqueur homemade is an excellent digestive to serve fresh at the end of a meal to relatives and friends.

The Tangerin liqueur homemade is one of those preparations that will give you great satisfaction for those who will taste it, the citrus flavor is particularly delicate and its orange color is pleasant to see.

I, I must be honest, I don’t like alcohol in general, sometimes during parties and meetings with relatives and friends it happens to taste good red wine but the mandarin liqueur has left me pleasantly surprised.

Who really appreciated it was my father-in-law and this was a great satisfaction for me since he understands it!

Easy to prepare the mandarin liquer can become surely a gift for friends and family during Christmas holidays.


  • 300 gr. of untreated peel of tangerines
  • 300 gr. of granulated sugar
  • 300 gr. of pure alcohol 96 ° for liqueur
  • 1 glass jar with airtight seal
  • 1 bottle of lt. 1.5 with cap


Take the tangerines, wash them well and then remove the peel with a knife without affecting the white part.

Then transfer the peels into a rather large jar together with the alcohol indicated in the recipe.

The peels of the tangerine must be completely covered with alcohol.
Close with the cap and let it rest for ten days, shake the jar sometimes and then, you will notice that already the next day the alcohol will begin to color orange.

After ten days of rest, prepare the sugar syrup pouring the water and sugar in equal parts into a saucepan.

The syrup will be ready when the sugar has completely dissolved in the water and boiled for a few minutes.

Remove the syrup from the heat and let it cool completely.

In the meantime, take a bowl, take the jar with the alcohol and, with the help of a strainer filter the liqueur removing the tangerine peels which have hardened in the meantime.

Then add the syrup, mix and the tangerine liqueur is ready to be bottled and tasted.

If you can resist the tasting, I recommend you to let the liquer rest for a few more days, It’ll definitely get the taste..

When the liqueur is ready you can keep it at room temperature tightly closed or in the refrigerator for 3 months.


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