Olives in brine

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Here are the Olives in brine, another typical Sicilian recipe with an ancient flavor that is worth trying.

To prepare the olives in brine you need only three ingredients, green olives, water and salt and then wait at least two months or three months before tasting them.

The olives in brine can be served during appetizers during the Christmas holidays, or during aperitifs.

Simple, cheap and tasty.


  • Kg. 1 of green olives
  • 1 lt. of water
  • 100 gr. of salt
  • some sprigs of wild fennel or some seed
  • plastic jar cover
  • glass jars with closure and sterelized


First, wash the olives well under running water, eliminating those that have some holes in the surface or that do not seem to be in good health.

In a separate pot pour the water and salt, put on the stove over moderate heat and stirring with a ladle wait for the salt to melt completely.

Turn off the stove and start filling the jars, which you have previously sterilized, with the olives, add some sprigs of wild fennel or some fennel seeds inside and start pouring the brine until you fill the neck of the jar.

Put the plastic jar cover so that the olives remain under the liquid and then close well with the cap.

Store the jars with the olives in the pantry, in a dark environment for at least two months, three months.

The olives will be ready when they are sweet and not bitter


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