Olives in brine

Here are the Olives in brine, another typical Sicilian recipe with an ancient flavor that is worth trying. To prepare the olives in brine you need only three ingredients, green olives, water and salt and then wait at least two months or three months before tasting them. The olives in brine can be served during appetizers during the Christmas holidays, ...

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Recipe of Sicilian arancini

Arancini. Autore e Copyright Marco Ramerini

The Recipe of Sicilian arancini in particular with meat sauce is a typical and traditional dish of Sicilian cuisine. The Recipe of Sicilian arancini is a speciality known also with the name of supplì preparated with rice stuffed with meat sauce, peas and caciocavallo, breaded and fried in plenty of peanut seed oil. The Arancini o arancine often are a ...

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Sicilian cannoli recipe

Cannoli siciliani alla ricotta

The Sicilian Cannoli recipe represent a symbol of the Sicilian pastry famous all over the world. In fact, anyone who visits this wonderful land can not leave the Sicilly without first having tasted the Sicilian cannoli recipe and arancini or arancine! The cannoli were originally a typical dessert prepared during the days of Carnival, today they are on display in ...

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Cassatelle with ricotta and chocolate

Prepazione della cassatella

Here is an amazing typical Sicilian recipe to prepare on the occasion of Easter but not only, the Cassatelle with ricotta and chocolate. Cassatelle with ricotta and chocolate are prepared with a dough very similar to shortcrust pastry, filled with a very delicate cream of ricotta scented with cinnamon. Cooking can take place not only in the oven the one ...

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Sicily climate: when to go to Sicily

Island located in the middle of the Mediterranean, Sicily has a typical Mediterranean climate made of long hot and dry summers and short mild winters. In the interior highlands and in the reliefs, however, the benefits of the Mediterranean climate is significantly reduced. The average maximum temperatures reach up to values around 30 ° C during July and August, while ...

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