Recipes with the pressure cooker

Muschroom rise with Pressure cooker

Crema di riso

Here is a recipe that will allow us to save money, th Muschroom rise with and Pressure cooker . It’s really easy, fast and good to prepare the Muschroom rise with Pressure cooker, just follow a few tricks on the quantity of liquid to use and you’re done. INGREDIENTS FOR 4 PEOPLE OF THE MUSCHROOM RISE WITH PRESSURE COOKER: 320 ...

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Meat broth with pressure cooker

Primi. Autore e Copyright Marco Ramerini

Here is another recipe killer bills, because it allows us to prepare an excellent meat broth with the pressure cooker in just 45 minutes instead of two and a half hours of normal cooking. To prepare the meat broth with the pressure cooker, it will be enough to find the necessary ingredients and you will obtain a delicacy in a ...

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Meat “Stracotto”in pressure cooker

Secondi. Autore e Copyright Marco Ramerini

Here is another cheap recipe for Meat “Stracotto”in pressure cooker, italian food very tasty. Now I’ve got a taste! Cooking the Meat “Stracotto”in pressure cooker is just a sight for the eyes and for the taste! I had some doubts whether or not to try the pressure cooker but then the final result convinced me! INGREDIENTS FOR 6 PERSONS OF ...

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Meat stew in pressure cooker

Cinghiale in Umido. Author and Copyright Liliana Ramerini...

Here is another recipe worth trying, the meat stew in a pressure cooker. You will notice how is easy and quickly prepare the meat stew in a pressure cooker and how is tasty. Work, family and commitments take a lot of time but with the pressure cooker we can take advantage of those few free moments to prepare fabulous dishes. ...

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