Recipe of fagioli all’uccelletto

The Recipe of fagioli all’uccelletto can be both a single dish and a useful side dish to accompany meat or game. The recipe of fagioli all’uccelletto is a poor dish belonging to the Tuscan tradition and despite the name in the recipe does not appear any bird among the ingredients. It seems, in fact, that the name derives from the ...

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Panzanella Tuscan recipe

Primi. Autore e Copyright Marco Ramerini

The Panzanella Tuscan recipe is a dish that belongs to the traditional Tuscan cuisine. The Panzanella Tuscan recipe is the poor dish par excellence even if today it has become a delicacy and one of the characteristic dishes of Tuscan cuisine.   Panzanella is prepared exclusively in the summer season, is consumed cold and the ingredients are those of the season ...

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The Cantuccini di Prato recipe

Cantuccini di Prato foto di Laura Ramerini

The Cantuccini di Prato recipe belongs to the Tuscan tradition so much so that it has obtained the IGP mark ( protected geographical identification ) and is therefore famous all over the world. The recipe of cantuccini di Prato consists of a sweet dough made of eggs, flour, sugar, butter and almonds that takes its name from the city from ...

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Florentine steak

Secondi. Autore e Copyright Marco Ramerini

The Florentine steak recipe is a typical Tuscan dish famous all over the world, you cannot come to Florence without having tasted it at least once. The Florentine steak is that part of meat consisting of the rib of veal, possibly Chianino, cut into the loin with fillet and sirloin, with the bone in the middle which gives it the ...

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Panforte italian recipe

Dolci. Autore e Copyright Marco Ramerini

The Panforte italian recipe is a Christmas cake from the Tuscan city and in particular from the city of Siena. The main ingredients to prepare the Panforte italian recipe are spices, dried fruit, candied fruit and honey. TUSCAN PANFORTE INGREDIENTS FOR A ROUND BAKING PAN OF 20 CM IN DIAMETER: 100 gr. of acacia honey100 gr. of granulated sugarabundant icing ...

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Ribollita typical Tuscan recipe


The Ribollita typical Tuscan recipe is a poor dish handed down to us by Florentine peasants based on vegetables and in particular black cabbage, savoy cabbage and what nature offered at the time. The Ribollita typical Tuscan recipe is a soup rich in vegetables (main dish) which, once ready, is poured directly on slices of stale bread becoming an amazing ...

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Béchamel sauce

The Béchamel sauce is one of the most famous sauces, mainly used in the preparation of important dishes like lasagna, cannelloni and flans. The Béchamel sauce seems to have originated in France, the name derives from the Marquis Louis de Bechamel who invented it in the early 1700s but there are conflicting opinions on this. But it seems that this ...

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Florence climate: when to go to Florence

The climate of the city of Florence is a mixed climate between the Mediterranean climate and continental climate. The city undergoes marine influences from the Tyrrhenian Sea, which make the winters not too cold, and the continental influences, that are evident in the summer with high temperatures also caused by the city’s position largely surrounded by hills that block the ...

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Tuscany what to see: the tourist attractions

Tuscany is one of Italy’s north-central region, located along the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, which has a common border with Liguria in the north-west, Emilia Romagna to the north, the Marche and Umbria to the east, and Lazio to the south. The region is characterized by a flat area crossed by the Arno river and its tributaries, where there are ...

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