Basilicata climate: when to go to Basilicata

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Basilicata is a southern Italian region with a mediterranean climate along the coast and a continental climate in the interior with winter snowfalls in mountainous areas. The climate of the region varies greatly according to the geographical location and the topography of the area. The region is affected by the presence and the proximity with three maritime versants: Tyrrhenian, Adriatic and Ionian. Basilicata is also a region rich in mountains which also affect the climatic conditions of the area. The mountains in particular blocking the clouds coming from the Tyrrhenian Sea and make and make the Tyrrhenian coast and the mountainous areas of the region significantly rainiest than the Ionian coast.

The rains in Basilicata fall mainly in the autumn, winter and spring. Rainfall is most intense in mountainous areas where there are annual averages varying between 1,000 and 2,000 mm of rain. The driest part of the region is the Ionian coast where the average values is about 400/500 mm of rain per year. The Tyrrhenian coast receives, however, major rainfall with average annual rainfall of around 1,400 mm. In the rest of the region the average annual rainfall values ranging between 600 mm and 700 mm. Snow falls in winter but remains on the ground for long periods only on the highest mountains.

The sea water temperatures in Basilicata varies between 13 ° C in February and 26 ° C in August. The sea of Basilicata reaches optimal values of temperature for swimming in the sea in the months between June and October, when the sea water has temperatures ranging from 21 ° C to 26 ° C.


The best months for a trip to Basilicata are those between May and September months which are characterized by mild temperatures and less precipitation. The months from June to September are the best to have beach holidays along the coast of Basilicata.


POTENZA (845 meters)
Month Average Low Temp. (°C) Average High Temp. (°C) Rain (mm)
January 1,2 6,9 55
February 1,1 7,2 63
March 1,5 9,7 48
April 4,8 12,8 66
May 9,2 18,1 42
June 12,7 22,3 30
July 15,4 25,7 26
August 15,7 25,8 32
September 12,7 21,7 46
October 8,9 16,5 61
November 4,7 11,0 73
December 2,3 7,9 66
YEAR 7,6  15,5 613


Month Sea Water Temperature (°C)
January 14
February 13
March 14
April 15
May 18
June 22
July 25
August 26
September 25
October 21
November 18
December 16